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What is Omakase Sushi?
Discover a traditional Japanese dining experience

The meaning of Omakase (おまかせ) lies in the word itself, which can be roughly translated as “I will leave it up to you”.

Guests entrust then themselves to Chefs; while Chefs have the creative freedom to build a tailor-made meal that evolves around seasonality and the finest ingredients available.

Best experienced at a counter, Chefs entertain guests and hand serve mouth-watering pieces of nigiri the instant they are prepared.

Omakase opens up to a whole new dining experience, where all the senses are involved and Chef choices might let one discover items that have never considered trying before.

Traditionally, sushi bars in Japan did not have menus and guests left themselves in the Chef’s hands. This is where the culture of Omakase seems to be coming from and why such intriguing Japanese dining tradition still survives nowadays.

As an ultimate expression of trust to a Chef, Omakase creates an intimate and unique atmosphere. Ready to experience it?

Discover our Chefs philosophy on how the experience should unfold, view the Omakase menu below.



Experience a tailor-made dinner at our Sushi counter

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