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Japanese Afternoon Tea:
where East meets West

Afternoon tea has become a classic, a trendy thing to do around London. Tea in a pot, warm scones with cream butter and jam, finger sandwiches and home made cakes and pastries... nothing could be more British than afternoon tea in London.

And yet, the act of drinking tea is an integral part of many other cultures around the world. This is especially true in Japan, where a whole ceremony revolves around this beverage.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony (茶道, sadō or chadō, lit. "the way of tea"), is not just about serving and receiving the green dainty tea, Matcha. It is more like a traditional ritual, with varying degrees of formality and whose procedure requires a series of precise hand movements, a graceful choreography and a lot of preparation. For this reason, many Japanese study and perform the matcha tea ceremony in their homes: the tea ceremony is a way for the guests to enjoy the hospitality of the host in a peaceful atmosphere.

At Ginza Onodera, we’ve created an inspired fusion of the ancient Japanese tea ceremony and the traditional English afternoon tea.

The Japanese Afternoon Tea menu is designed for guests to choose amongst a variety of teas, coming from the legendary Japanese Tea house, Tsujiri, which uses advanced techniques and storage methods to make the highest quality green tea, while preserving its healthy benefits for both the mind and the body.

By opting for the ‘Ochakai’, you can enjoy a small Tea Ceremony and see your matcha being prepared directly on your table. Sushi spider rolls, Wagyu beef sliders, salmon tataki and other specialities will complete the whole experience.

For those who want to taste flavours and eye-catching dishes without sacrificing the British tradition, our Japanese afternoon tea is the perfect mix - it’s where East meets West.

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