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Miyazaki Wagyu Beef
What you need to know

Winner of the Japanese Wagyu Beef Competition - the so called Wagyu Olympics - for three times in a row (2007 - 2012- 2017),  Miyazaki’s reputation for the finest Wagyu beef has been consistent over the years.

Miyazaki is a Prefecture(宮崎県, Miyazaki-ken) in the southeastern coast of Kyushu island, in Japan. Known for its beautiful mountainous and coastal scenery, Miyazaki has a good, warm weather all year around, which positively affects the quality of the meat; while Miyazaki Wagyu Council teaches farmers how to breed cattle and strictly controls the bloodline of bulls that can be classed as Miyazaki Wagyu.

There are four unique Wagyu breeds raised in Japan: Japanese Black (黒毛和種 Kuroge Washu), Japanese Brown (赤毛和種 Akage Washu), Japanese Shorthorn (日本短角和種 Nihon Tankaku Washu)  and Japanese Polled (無角和種 Mukaku Washu)

Miyazaki Wagyu (or Miyazaki-gyu) is Japanese Black Wagyu, which accounts for 90% of Wagyu raised in Japan and is world-renowned for its genetic predisposition to developing fine-grained, speckled marbling and a buttery, tender texture.

Indeed, Miyazaki-gyu is Grade A4 or above in the Meat Quality Grading Standards set by the Japan Meat Grading Association. This is determined by four elements: the marbling, the luster/color of the meat, the firmness and texture of the meat, and the luster/color and quality of the fat.

At Ginza Onodera, we’re currently paying homage to Miyazaki-gyu with the following exquisite dishes, available until the 11th of July:

*MIyazaki-Wagyu Beef nigiri, served with nikiri soy sauce and yakiniku sauce £7.50 (1 piece)

*Spicy cold green tea noodles served with Miyazaki-Wagyu tataki  £27.00

*For Robata & Teppanyaki, Miyazaki-Wagyu  £65.00 / 100g, if order over 300g.

Don’t miss them out!

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