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Despite nearly two millennia of history, sake’s popularity outside Japan has been increasing only recently. And yet, the world of Sake (酒) is vast and extremely varied, and quality sake can be appreciated like a fine wine.

There are different factors influencing the production of Japanese sake, including the type of rice and water used, the brewer’s individual techniques and the regional climate.

With over 100 different sake, Ginza Onodera wants to reflect and promote such variety of Sake’s world, aiming to cover all styles and production methods

 The list is separated into 8 categories - each category denoting the specific area where each sake is produced - and comprehend some of the rarest small production sakes in the world.
We strive to offer terroir driven sakes from every region in Japan, each with its own inherent personality and character so as to showcase the individual breweries . 

Our best-selling Sakes
Amongst our best-selling sake, there is a plum infused sake from Kozaemon situated in Gifu and the Dassai brewery range. This brewery is based in the Yamaguchi prefecture and is well known for their production of high quality Sake.

We stock the following products:

⋅ Dassai 50
⋅ Dassai 39
⋅ Dassai 23
⋅ Super premium Dassai Beyond

Our finest Sakes
Alongside Seasonal Sakes such as our offering from Koedo-kagamiyama brewery in Saitama, we have 3 very special Sakes.

It is almost impossible to find or source them in the UK, for us it is an honour to have them on the list:

⋅ Isojiman - 'La Isojiman' Junmai Daiginjo
⋅ Tatenokawa - 'Komyo' Junmai Daiginjo
⋅ Jyuyondai - 'Ryusen' Junmai Daiginjo

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