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The Japanese Art of Cocktail

Japanese alcohol has achieved global fame, with sake, shōchū and whiskey in particular taking center stage, but there are a broad range of drinks highly appreciated by Japanese.
Drinking is a large part of Japanese social life. 

Although in recent years it became more accepted for people to turn down an alcoholic beverage in favor of a soft drink or tea, it is still very common drinking alcohol in social situations.

Indeed, the Japanese vibrant cocktail scene is thriving.
A number of flavourful cocktails made especially with juice, freshly squeezed fruit, and various liqueurs have become popular in Japan.
The Japanese cocktail philosophy involves extreme precision and passion in preparing. 
The art of the cocktail is originally non-Japanese, (just name world famous American cocktails “Martini”, “Manhattan”, “Gin&Tonic”) but over the years bartenders from Japan have emerged as superstars of the international cocktail scene, and also Tokyo was declared “cocktail capital of the world” in past years.

There is a lot that American bartenders can learn from the Japanese style of bartending.

Japanese bartending is characterized by unfailing attention to detail and absolute technical mastery to make sure each ingredient shines through every sip. 

The world of Japanese cocktails has an extraordinary fascination and their beautiful colors and exquisite tastes make cocktails the most popular summer drinks. 

That’s why we've thought of 3 new special summer cocktails to keep you refreshed through the hottest months.

  1. Yuzu Margarita
  2. Kyo-ji-to
  3. Fizzy lychee

Sat at the counter of our bar, sipping one of our delicious 3 cocktails, you can also enjoy the delights of our food bar menu.

Sharing is caring and our small plates from the bar food menu are perfect to be shared with friends and be accompanied by our refreshing cocktails.

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