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Counter Dining – Listen, Smell, Taste

Whatever the occasion, countertop dining has become extremely popular over the last few years, with restaurant increasingly embracing the “counter culture” and ditching tables for lively chef’s counters.

Whilst the counter trend can find an explanation in diners, being more savvy and curious about what they eat and how the food is prepared, other reasons make counter dining the perfect choice for a night out.

In Japan, counter seating arrangements (Kaunta seki) can be dated back to the 19th-century in Osaka, where they were mainly used for a practical scope in casual everyday spots: fitting in more solo diners without having to set up a whole table.

This is also known as Kappo-style dining, where Kappo simply means to cut and cook and implies a more relaxed atmosphere, with the chef preparing the food right in front of the diners and occasionally chatting with them.

From noodle shops, bars and izayaka (Japanese pub) to more high-class dining restaurants,
Countertop dining has quickly spread and evolved across Japan and other countries.

Smelling the ingredients, watching as a new dish is being prepared and plated in front of your eyes: counter dining is not just a meal but a fully immersive experience involving all the senses.

Whether you are willing to try such unique experience in London, Ginza Onodera offers three dedicated counters for Teppan-yaki, Sushi and Robata, fitting up to 8, 7 and 6 guests respectively.

Watch our Chefs preparing fresh, seasonal ingredients and cooking them in front of you and enjoy a meal that is meant to be seen, but also listened, smelled and tasted.

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