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Enjoy Robata yaki:
Japanese-style grilling

Needless to say, Sushi is the most significant dish that represents Japanese cuisine and it is so widely popular, that it’s easy nowadays to find a sushi restaurant anywhere in the world.

But Japanese cuisine is much more than just sushi.
One of the oldest Japanese cooking techniques concerns grilling over an open flame, just like in the western world.

Japanese Robata, shortened form of Robata yaki” (炉端焼き) and literally translated into “fireside cooking”, is the traditional Japanese cooking technique that can be compared to the Western-style barbecue.

To whom thinks Japanese food begins and ends with sushi, it should be noted that Robata grilling has a much longer history and tradition than sushi.

According to folk tales, Robata cooking method originated centuries ago, on the northernmost island of Japan — Hokkaido, by fishermen encasing charcoals into stone boxes.
Some say these boxes were used as a portable heat source, allowing them to cook the catch of the day slowly throughout the return trip.

Japanese robata use hot charcoal to cook food for a long period of time and like Western barbecue, can be used to cook almost any type of food, from fish, to various meats like pork, chicken, beef and vegetables.

If you are eager to discover what’s beyond sushi in the delightful world of Japanese cuisine, the Robata it’s a perfect start!

Next time you come to Ginza Onodera restaurant, ask for Robata and enjoy it either in the main dining area or at our Robata counter.

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