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Eating in a Japanese Restaurant:
3 Types of traditional seating

“Irasshaimase!” meaning "welcome, please come in" and upon entering a Japanese restaurant you could be greeted with this friendly expression pronounced with enthusiasm. It quickly became apparent that the dinner experience in Japan is quite different than the one we are used to in a western restaurant.

But this is not the only difference that strikes one immediately, also the Japanese restaurant interior design is modest and exceptional; Everything has a place and purpose.

While due to western influence, many restaurants provide western style tables and chairs, Japanese restaurants offer a wide variety of seating arrangements that are highly different from restaurants in other countries.

Zashiki is a traditional seating arrangement featuring a low table set on tatami flooring. You should remove your shoes before stepping onto the sitting area.
The Zashiki style seating is common in more traditional Japanese restaurants, izakaya, and kaiseki restaurants.

If you want to eat in a tatami area sitting in a western-style chair you should opt for a  horigotatsu, a table that’s low to the ground and has a recessed floor beneath it so that people can stretch out their legs. 

It’s commonly found in Japanese restaurants that host group gatherings.

Private dining rooms can be found in various types of restaurants in Japan and they are ideal for hosting business dinners, celebrations, and private parties, helping prevent causing a disturbance to other diners. When sitting in a private dining room, the seat of honor is the one furthest from the door.

Wherever you’re sitting, eating in a Japanese Restaurant is a Unique Experience.

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