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3 Traditional Christmas Food in Japan

Like in other cultures, there are some traditional Japanese Christmas foods that are enjoyed by families on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Some of the Japanese’s favorite foods during Christmas season may seem bizarre,  but you will be surprised by the interesting history behind these traditions.

KFC / Chicken dish
For many Japaneses, it is not Christmas day without stepping by a KFC to grab a fried chicken box!
Thanks to a massive marketing campaign launched in 1974 (called 'Kentucky for Christmas!') which was a huge success,  nowadays, one of the most popular meals for Christmas is fried chicken!
For this reason, many people cook chicken dish on Christmas such as kara-age, teriyaki chicken and obviously fried chicken! 

Christmas cake
To follow, can’t miss a slice of traditional Japanese Christmas cake, which is usually a sponge cake decorated with strawberries and whipped cream.
After Japan’s defeat in World War II, when the concept of Christmas gradually takes root, the Christmas cake became a symbol of Japan’s rebirth. So, the strawberry shortcake was chosen as the favoured cake, because it is red and white and reflect the colours of the national flag.

Christmas Wagashi
For those who don’t go for the Christmas cake during Christmas season, Wagashi is a good alternative! Wagashi is a traditional Japanese sweet, known for changing shapes, sizes and colors with the seasons. However, the flavors inside that usually remain traditional are red bean (anko), mocha, rice and agar jelly.

There’s no lack of festive tradition during Christmastime in Japan and neither in London!

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