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Why is Japanese food so popular with Millenials?

Ever since people started talking about the fact that you could get black icecream and be really happy with it, unique food trends have really become an obsession, that millennials have started.
One food trend that has always been a big hit with millennials and will continue to grow is JAPANESE cuisine !
Although, plenty of millennials thought Japanese food is just known for it’s Sushi, (which is a combination of rice and fish) well they couldn’t be more wrong. As time has evolved with the widely use social media, millennials have discovered the fact that the Japanese, have a range of dishes, suitable for everyone to enjoy.
Such as: Tempura, Wagyu, Egg Friend Rice, Ramen, Tonkatsu and even different flavored fish sushis!

As well as the flavor, Japanese are known for the simplicity of the food itself. Simplicity, because the Japanese refrain from using complex combinations of ingredients and employ simple cooking techniques the highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients. "Shun" which is the concept of only eating foods that are in season. This is closely followed in "washoku", only consuming ingredients that are indigenous to Japan.

Finally why Millennials have really taken to love Japanese food is in the presentation!
In Japan it is said that they “eat with their eyes first” , this is the reason Japanese chefs are masters of presentation. With Instagram being one of the most used social media by millennials photographs, videos and blogs of Japanese food over the last decade have really become a popular trend that everyone wants to get in the year 2020!

Here at Ginza, If love great Japanese food then you will love us. We do group bookings, big enough to bring your friends along and you can Instagram away and show people on what they are missing out.
We have a different range of our Japanese menus from sweet or savory or even just for Japanese cocktails, we have everything for you and your friends to come and feast.
Start the new year of 2020 the #JapaneseStyle !

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