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Japanese Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in Japan is a very big deal, in fact it is not denied that the national holiday has become widely celebrated going back as far as the 1950s.

Back when a Japanese woman confessing her feelings was such a taboo subject or making ‘Kokuhaku’ which basically means confession, was so embarrassing it almost became a non-celebrated holiday. But as times have gone on Valentine’s Day is now one of the most popular celebrated day in Japan after New Years Day!

It has now become more acceptable and common for women to have the confidence to confess their feelings without feeling judged, and it has changed the way men and women interact with each other on Valentine’s Day.

This is expressed by the women showering the men with gifts such as CHOCOLATES/CANDY, and being taken out to high end fancy Japanese restaurants, making sure that the men are the center of attention.

Traditionally Japanese chocolates are the main gift given to men, but they are not just any ordinary chocolates, they are all different types that mean and represent something special.

One being called “ Girl - Choco ”. They are made very quickly and are meant to be given to family, friends or anyone you love in a non-romantic way.

Another is called “ Giri “, which means obligation, so in another term these chocolates are MORE of an obligatory gift for loved ones to show that you really care for them.

But wait there's more ...... There’s a final one called “ Honmei-Choco ” !!

Honmei-Choco chocolates can be much more extravagant, more expensive or can be homemade. If homemade it usually has more meaning to it and holds more of an importance than store-bought chocolates, no matter how fancy.

Here’s something you probably didn’t : In Japan also celebrates a thing “White Day” on March 14th a month after Valentine’s Day! ..... It’s where the men return the sentiment to the women that gave them chocolates during Valentine’s Day by buying two to three gifts which are very expensive.

Valentine’s Day for many IS the perfect opportunity to prove their love by buying gifts for their beloved, others will bring their loved ones to dinner in a romantic restaurant and there is no better place than Ginza Onodera London.

Come as a couple, with a group of friends/family or even by yourself and discover that ‘Love comes from the stomach‘.

Discover our Valentine’s Day menu and as the saying goes ‘ One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well!

No matter what you think about the day, there is no denying that Valentine's Day is a heavily celebrated day in Japan.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Shiawasena barentaindē!

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