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Valentine’s Day vs. White Day

As we know Valentine’s Day is the holiday that celebrates love and is celebrated in all different ways all across the globe. In Japan, the fun doesn't just stop there oh no, the celebrations of Valentine's day are continued again a month later (14th of March) and is called White Day!

A white day is a new event mainly created by the confectionery industry in Japan. It was first celebrated in 1978. It was originally called Marshmallow Day to market men into buying just marshmallows as a gift for their loved ones but unfortunately did not succeed as a cultural phenomenon.

Eventually, the day in Japan got renamed to “ White Day” which was another way of saying “Answer Day” or “Reply Day where men are highly expected to return the favor by getting a gift 2 or 3 times more valuable than the gifts they received on Valentine’s Day.

The meaning behind the color is it represents the color of purity as well as it’s the same color as sugar which also represents sweetness.

Fun Fact for you: Before it became simply known as “ White Day”, the initial name was "Ai ni Kotaeru White Day '' (Answer Love on White Day) but felt too long and shorten it.

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