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Traditional Japanese Desserts at Ginza’s

To a lot of people, the only well known Japenese dessert was Mochi! As it is famously known as being one of Kit Kat unique flavors! Now Japan is known for more of it’s traditional flavors as well as it’s take on classic desserts with a bit of a twist!

For centuries Japanese people had been producing authentic, sweet-tasting desserts before the notion of sugar became available worldwide. How? By using their famous combination of creating desserts using the ingredients of rice and sweet beans.
Eventually, when sugar was introduced in Japan around the 1860s, needless to say, Japan had a sugar overload, but with all of the excitement came some of Japan's most traditional but beautiful desserts, based on Western Traditions and are known and cherished, worldwide.

Did you know that some of the Japanese desserts can be traced as far back as 100 years!! At Ginza, we continue to serve nothing but the best and sweetest desserts, showing the true authenticity of what Japan has to offer.
From our famous and well known Japanese Desserts of: Mochi Ice Cream - Tiny balls of delicious ice cream that is wrapped in Mochi and usually has a topping of corn starch / mochiko... That is to prevent them from being less sticky as
they melt.

Matcha parfait is a wonderful traditional combination of Matcha green tea ice cream with azuki beans, chestnuts, and wasabi mochi. We even sell Chocolate Gateau! Now although it is more known as originally being an American dish, over the years at Ginza has become a true hit with our customers, is well known worldwide for its authentic Japanese twist and is a dessert more famously bought from Japanese woman to give to Japanese men as gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Here at Ginza, our desserts are just as important as the main course! Take a look at our Dessert Teppan menu and have something sweet for everyone.
So for this new year at Ginza, why not start the year with a sweet Japanese treat!

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