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Edomae Sushi 江戸前寿司

We are proud to continue and promote the traditional ‘Edomae’ ( 江戸前 ) sushi style, which is the preferred sushi preparation technique in the Kanto (Eastern Japan) area. This style originates in Tokyo, or Edo as it was called before, approximately 300 years ago. Originally only fish caught in Tokyo bay were used for this style, hence the name ‘Edomae’ or ‘in front of Edo’. The unique characteristic of the Edomae style comes in the form of fish preparation. The fishes are usually boiled, marinated, seared, steamed or dried accordingly to showcase the chef’s skill and enhance the flavours of each ingredient. Such preparations were necessary to prolong the shelf life of the fish back when refrigeration and transportation were not as advanced as today.



At Ginza Onodera, all sushi courses are under the title ‘Omakase’. This word, roughly translated, means ‘I will let you decide’. Traditional sushi restaurants in Japan will often adopt this style and the chef will prepare a tailored menu to each guest.

Given the limited number of seats on the Teppanyaki and Sushi counter, please send an enquiry or directly call us at 02078391101 in order to confirm your reservation.